Sunday, September 16, 2018

My experience in Chennai Rains

I would like to recall the 2015 incident of Chennai Rains, where I got in my apartments for 3 days and had no other option to stay put. So, to start off, on day 1 there was heavy rain and it was a working day, I informed the team lead that I would be working from home on that day and was doubtful about the availability due to heavy rains. So, the electricity was available till 11 AM and it was pouring like hell, the electricity disconnection was there on cards anytime soon. I had pretty much no work on that day, I switch on my office laptop and opened my MacBook Pro as well to browse YouTube videos as there were two strings attached one was, since it was raining heavily the dish didn’t and other thing was, my office laptop had so much restrictions and viewing videos in it was a horrendous task. Later I felt how stupid I have been to use both laptops without sensing the horrible task of staying in home for 3 days. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

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