Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sea Facts & Information

Man will move onto and into the sea, occupying it and exploiting it as an integral part of his use of this planet for recreation, minerals, food, waste disposal, military and transportation operations, and as populations grow, for actual living space.

More than 2-3rd of the planets surface is covered with ocean and of his submerged terrain a base 5% is well mapped. However, this underwater land is known to be rich with oil, gas, coal, diamonds, sulphur, cobalt, uranium, tin, phosphates and other minerals.

Today in the US alone more than 600 companies including such giants as standard oil and union carbide, are readying themselves for a monumental competitive struggle under the seas. The Japanese already extract 10000000 tons of coal each year from underwater mines; tin is already being ocean-mined by Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Some facts about Blood

Here we are going to discuss about the blood circulation. The unpurified blood is sent from the right side of the heart to the lungs, and then it is purified and again sends back to the left chamber of the heart. From there only, the purified blood will sent to all other parts of our body through the Arteries and then it comes back as unpurified blood to the right chamber of the heart through Vein.

The blood from the artery is changed to vein through miniscule capillaries. The cardial valves in the chambers of the heart perform the unidirectional circulation of blood by opening the valves unidirectionally.