Saturday, November 13, 2021

Constraint’s while being independent of Laptop

Constraint’s while being independent of Laptop
With evolution of mobile and tablets in recent times, it was proven that the handheld devices can co-exist with laptop and most of the activities can be executed on the go. I use MAC as my primary device and will leverage my iPad or iPhone to take care of important work activities while on travel. However, there are few constraints while using handheld devices with independent of laptop and wanted to detail my concerns associated with handheld devices. 
  • Opening Zip files in handheld devices: Even with the technology advancements and importance of using mobile devices on the go, most transactions and large file transactions happen with Zip file extensions. However, the handheld devices do not have option to open or extract the Zip files and has lot of constraints while transferring file with Zip extensions.
  • Limited applications availability and premium subscription charges: Most of the desktop applications have now been optimized or developed from scratch to work on handheld devices however, there are numerous applications which have not been ported to work on handheld devices and even if the applications are available in mobile or tablet devices, the applications have premium subscription charges and mostly do not have one-time cost benefits. 
The above concerns are detailed based on usage in iPhone and iPad devices and based on my personal experience. Check more such articles in “G R Team Sites”