Thursday, September 8, 2022

Frustrated usage of AirPods Pro with manufacturing defect

Frustrated usage of AirPods Pro
As I have detailed in my earlier articles about possibility of manufacturing defect in my AirPods Pro and I have been using with the issue for past one year. As I continued to use my AirPods Pro, there were couple of frustrations which forced me to visit Apple service center at the earliest to get it resolved. The concerns are as follows
  • Echoing voice while attending calls in AirPods Pro: Recently, while I was taking calls on my iPhone through AirPods pro, I noticed strange voice echo while talking and the issue propped up during calls. Initially, I though the issue was due to bad network and tried resetting both iPhone and AirPods Pro. The issue kept propping up even with all basic troubleshooting steps and tried contacting Apple customer support for any possible resolutions. All options went in vain, and the issue kept propping up whenever I took up any call through my AirPods Pro, either through WIFI or through mobile network.
  • Tickling sound while watching movies or hearing music: Another issue I noticed while using my AirPods Pro was, whenever I move my head or while walking, I used to hear tickling sound on my device and as usual I have tried all basic troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. However, all my effort to resolve the issue went in vain and continued to use my AirPods Pro.

The above issues may seem normal for few people and for me it was completely frustrating and at one point, I was even checking out feasible option of buying new alternative headphones. However, to know more about it forced me to visit Apple service center and its subsequent process, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”