Friday, August 5, 2022

2nd Time failure of my MacBook Pro and it was not the end

2nd Time failure of my MacBook Pro
As stated in my earlier posts, my 2012 MacBook Pro had started to show off its wear-out and had couple of failures earlier. First failure was resolved through SMC reset and the second failure was resolved through power cable replacement. However, the issues were more than expected and following are the few that were encountered
  • Complete shutdown overnight and loose contact of power cable: One fine day, when I was about to login to my MacBook Pro, the laptop was not turning ON and I was completely sure that my laptop had 100% charge and there is no possibility of draining out overnight. So, again I had to diagnose the issue and found that the power cable was not properly intact with laptops power source and had to adjusted to get proper power source. So, finally I was able to diagnose the issue with power source in my laptop and the only solution was to adjust the cable until the power light is ON.
  • Trackpad issues and Battery got bulged: With random shutdowns and power source issues of my MacBook pro, there was one other issue that was concerning me while I was working on my personal project was that the trackpad was getting sticky, and the usual mouse click, or the right click was not as smooth as it used to be. While I was concerned that my trackpad was not functioning as expected, I noticed that bottom lid of my MacBook pro was coming out and when I opened out the bottom lid, I was in complete shock about my battery, it got bulged and may completely get out of shape in short span of time and to be replaced as early as possible.
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