Saturday, May 11, 2019

Working with irritating POC on one more opportunity

One more opportunity assigned to me with one of more irritating delivery POC and this opportunity scheduled to close by more than 2 weeks. For these 2 weeks, I had to work with this irritating delivery person, who is too nagging and would do no work with expectation of everything to be done by offshore team. I had raised too many issues against working with this delivery person and at sometimes even would cut off his suggestions straight away. However now I have no other option but to work with this irritating delivery person on this opportunity and in addition I got update from the offshore leader that no support would be available from offshore delivery team for this opportunity. I was completely frustrated for working on this opportunity and wanted to close this work as early as possible. Continue reading more at “G R Team sites”

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Finally got irritating opportunity to work

After having no work at office for past one week after long vacation had set my mood to work hard for any new opportunity that is assigned to me. With so much anticipation and with Monday blues, I entered office and to my pleasant surprise, again I had no work and was just killing time by watching videos as my manager was back in office, seated exactly beside me. The day was about end and I was planning to get started to home and suddenly my manager pings in the office communicator. I was shell shocked and was in different mood till I opened the message and it was like, just look for similar opportunity in the repository and share it with the delivery person for further action. I searched in the repository for the relevant document and shared it with the delivery person. To validate the deck, I even pinged the delivery person to check whether that is the deck they are looking for or need to look for any another deck. But they back stabbed me and to continue reading check at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Advertisement in Mobile Suggestion

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Two opportunities at same time

Coming back to work, after working on weekends for completion of the opportunity and getting appreciation mails from the delivery expert, I was relaxing for few days and enjoying my leisure time at office. Now my manager had looped into new opportunity which had very little scope of just sharing estimates to the accounts team and for this opportunity my support was not even required and all the delivery team need to provide was the estimates for the solution. I was happy about getting this opportunity and I was enjoying time at office for 2 days, as I was killing time by getting assigned to this opportunity. Finally on Friday, I logged into office hoping to kill time again and enjoy the entire day with the same opportunity. Till afternoon I have not received any new mails or details on new opportunity, however post afternoon my manager had looped in to one more opportunity that had work to be done. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Finally Submitted the opportunity with hard work

After believing the words of the delivery expert, that she would revert back with there updates and solution to me within next one hour or before end of the day as she was busy with some critical delivery work. I was waiting in office to get the updates from the delivery expert, but all went in vain and I didn’t even get an email about the delay or the draft solution inputs required for customizing the solution. I left for the day, went back home with so much of frustration and hoping to get updates at least on the next day. To my surprise, she didn’t even respond on the next day and I don’t want to extend it further. I called her up and asked her few minutes, even if she was busy with her delivery commitments and requested her to review the solution framed by me. Finally after so much of struggle she reviewed the deck and suggested few changes and I felt better because the solution I had drafted has covered all the solution elements requested by client. But I didn’t knew that it would be review by leadership and out of my innocence I submitted the deck for review. Continue reading at “G R Team sites” listed in the right Side of this site.