Saturday, July 20, 2019

Review with Offshore POC and smooth process

After having a quick connect with the offshore delivery POC that we would connect latter in the post lunch session to discuss about the updates and to put information that might be needed in the slides for today’s evening call, I was simultaneously searching in multiple places to get the relevant information in the slides and putting in the required slides in place for review. By post lunch, I have scheduled a call with the delivery POC to get his inputs. During the call we were discussing about each and every slide and modifying the information based upon the inputs shared by the onsite team. However, the delivery POC was requesting me to schedule offshore connect with the delivery lead to get his input as well, because we can’t bypass him and send slides to onsite team without his knowledge. So again, I scheduled a quick call with offshore delivery lead to get his input and to modified based upon his recommendation. This call was going in smooth manner and was hoping that it would also be the same with the offshore delivery lead, but it turned out to be exactly opposite. Know more about what happened at G R Team sites.