Thursday, July 9, 2015

Violation of Human Rights

Under this topic, I’m going to discuss what Human Rights violation is, and what the major sources of violation are. What are Human Rights? Human Rights are the basic rights of a human to live in this world. Some of the rights are Right to live, Right to vote, Right to speak, Right to follow a religion and so on.

Human Rights violation is, people are denied of their basic rights in the name of religion, caste, their social status. Many countries in South Africa and Asia falls a prey to this. There are 2 categories of people in these nations, one enjoying the high way of living and on the other hand, people suffer because of hunger. It is sad to say that people in some countries of Africa eat rat and other insects to breath.

In some countries the low caste people were ill treated by the upper caste people. The irony is, this happens in the 21st century, the age of technology. Women of the low caste are sexually abused and men are treated like slaves. Children of these communities are not allowed to study in the schools and most of all they were not considered as human beings.

We proudly declared the world nations, that in India we abolished slavery and caste system. But the fact is human rights violation takes place under these categories, by the rich, politicians and policemen. India will be the developing country until we uproot the caste system and slavery.