Friday, October 7, 2022

Why 512 SSD configuration in M2 MacBook Air not worth it?

Why 512 SSD configuration in M2 MacBook Air not worth it?
The recent configuration tweak from Apple on latest version of M2 MacBook Air has resulted in reduction of SSD speed on base model and requires user upgrade to the 512GB SSD version for the increased speed and performance. Even though Apple has clarified that most normal user will not notice change in performance, over the years the performance would be evident and may even result in slower data read speed. So, for most users, the upgrade to 512GB version would be the suitable solution and it impacts the overall product price. Following are my reasons on why the 512GB SSD version does not makes sense and opting for M1 Pro version would be the wiser decision.
  • Increased configuration puts price closer to M1 Pro: The increase from 256GB SSD to 512GB SSD version comes at a higher price and the overall cost brings the M2 MacBook Air closer to the M1 Pro MacBook. If the price is too close to the M1 Pro MacBook, then opting to the premium version of the processor would be the smart decision, as with increased price you are getting both RAM upgrade from 8GB to 16GB and SSD upgrade from 256GB to 512GB.
  • Pro-Motion display could be the next big feature update: M1 Pro MacBook not only comes with the configuration upgrade, but also with the Pro-motion display with 120Hz and advanced mini-LED technology. With these advanced display features, Apple could focus on bringing in new enhancements and software updates with new enhancements to the user experience.

With above reasons, it may be evident that rather than getting the 512GB SSD upgraded M2 MacBook Air, it would be wiser to get M1 Pro with slight increase in budget for improved performance and technology advancements. For more such articles or information, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”