Saturday, November 13, 2021

Constraint’s while being independent of Laptop

Constraint’s while being independent of Laptop
With evolution of mobile and tablets in recent times, it was proven that the handheld devices can co-exist with laptop and most of the activities can be executed on the go. I use MAC as my primary device and will leverage my iPad or iPhone to take care of important work activities while on travel. However, there are few constraints while using handheld devices with independent of laptop and wanted to detail my concerns associated with handheld devices. 
  • Opening Zip files in handheld devices: Even with the technology advancements and importance of using mobile devices on the go, most transactions and large file transactions happen with Zip file extensions. However, the handheld devices do not have option to open or extract the Zip files and has lot of constraints while transferring file with Zip extensions.
  • Limited applications availability and premium subscription charges: Most of the desktop applications have now been optimized or developed from scratch to work on handheld devices however, there are numerous applications which have not been ported to work on handheld devices and even if the applications are available in mobile or tablet devices, the applications have premium subscription charges and mostly do not have one-time cost benefits. 
The above concerns are detailed based on usage in iPhone and iPad devices and based on my personal experience. Check more such articles in “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Issues in iPhone dual sim capabilities

Issues in iPhone dual sim capabilities

For past few years iPhone have been offering dual sim capabilities like one physical sim and E-Sim options, however usage of the dual sim in iPhone is complicated for most users. I have been using iPhone 11 for past few years and configured e-sim as my alternative mobile number. However, while using dual sim on my iPhone, I was facing few issues and was expecting Apple to address the concerns, so the users can get seamless experience.
  • Lack of option available to select sim quickly from dialed list: If you were about to call already dialed contact or the contact’s name you have saved already, then iPhone will use the sim that had received the call, or the preferred line selected while saving the contact. There was no option to enable checklist while dialing the already dialed or received number to select the line for the call and lack of option available to enable to ask about the preferred line, every time the saved contact number is dialed. 
  • Using alternative number or second SIM to send messages: When you send a message to a contact, the messages are always sent from the primary sim, or the preferred line selected while sending the message. There was no option available to select the SIM line while sending the message or the option to enable checklist for specific contact list.
  • Sending message without saving the contact: When you quick dial the number of a person, there was no option available to directly send a message to that number, either you had to dial the number to send the message or save the number to send the messages. 
Hope addresses the above concerns regarding dual sim support in iPhone in the upcoming iOS software updates. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

Monday, August 9, 2021

New features to be included in Apple Music for Dolby Atmos & Lossless Music

I have been using my Apple music for past few months and have been getting glued to the platform precisely due to the sound quality and exclusive Dolby Atmos features. However, with introduction of new lossless and Dolby Atmos features to the Apple's music catalog, there should have been few must have features. Following are my suggestions for incorporating new features into Apple Music. 
  • Icon in notification center showcasing the music quality: When I hear the songs in Apple music, often I get confused about the quality of the song, whether the song is encoded in Lossless music or have advanced Dolby Atmos quality. So, each time to check the quality of the song, I had to open my iPhone and open music application and check whether the song displays Lossless or Dolby Atmos icon above the lyrics text. To overcome this constraint, Apple could have just introduced an icon in the notification box in home screen to identify whether the song is played in Lossless quality or at Dolby Atmos quality. 
  • Creation of station from home screen: I often hear random songs while working and most the times my mood changes after hearing the song. So, now when I wanted to create a station for the song, I had to open my music application and create station for similar music. I understand that the station for a particular song can be created with Siri, and it would be helpful if there is an option to create station from home screen with an icon. 
The addition of above features to Apple music would make the application must have for most music lovers and enthusiasts. To read more such articles, please feel free to check out the "G R Team Sites"

Friday, July 2, 2021

Signing off – Goodbye to Google photos 

I have been detailing in my earlier articles that I have been thinking to move away from Google photos due to its recent notifications about storage quota counting against the account limit for photos and users had to pay for added storage options. With no options left, I had to make hard decision to move away from Google photos for following reasons. 
  • Long term practical option: the major tech giants have decided to charge users for storing their data online. With no options left, we have found affordable online cloud storage choice and Google has exorbitant pricing for its storage plan. Additionally, I also had to look out for reliable online cloud storage choice for my family as well. Google offers only extremely limited storage option for family sharing and the prices were exceeding my budget. OneDrive offers the lowest pricing per GB and has dedicated 1 TB storage options for family members. These attractive storage plan seems to be the most practical in long term for its pricing and access to office suite of apps. 
  • Added benefits: Google online cloud storage prices were less compared to Apple but does not offer any added benefits with storage plan and are limited only individual GMAIL account. However, with OneDrive storage plan, users can also get access to its exclusive office apps and can additionally activate those office applications in individual devices. 
With above listed reasons, the time has come for me to bid goodbye to Google photo as my photo’s backup and online storage choice. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the G R TEAM SITES.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Affordable smart band product from Apple soon

From Apple Watch series 3 version, I always wanted Apple to launch affordable version of smart bands. These smart bands will surely reach masses with Apple’s reliability and trusted health tracking features. Following are my predictions that can be adopted the affordable Apple smart band. 
  • Heart rate monitoring: Smart band can include basic heart rate tracking options to identify if there are any fluctuations in heart rate. 
  • Step's tracker: Basic steps tracker to count number of steps walked in each day and jogging measurements. 
  • Calories burned: The smart band device can also have option to track calories burned through walking or jogging and provide simple number count on calories for each day. 
  • Longer battery life: With inclusion of simply basic features, the Apple smart band can offer few days of battery life. 
  • Digital clock: Basic digital display to reveal time for each day. 
Above options makes sense for Apple to launch more affordable smart bands for health tracking and for more such posts, please feel free to check out G R Team Sites.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Predictions for upcoming Apple Mac products in 2021

Apple’s April event had ended, and the announcements were pretty much straight forward. The next product launch from Apple will happen only on September and I am sure there will be large leaks and rumours on upcoming releases. I wanted to put out some of my expectations on Apple products, rather than focusing on all products I will dedicate this post on next generation Apple MacBook models. Here are my predictions. 
  • Three versions of MacBook: With recent launch of iMac 24 inches, it is evident that there will three versions of MacBook. 
  • 12-inch MacBook: this will be the basic or starting version of MacBook. The price may start from $1199 and may even include M1X processor. This model will use the same screen resolution as the earlier version and the other difference from rest of the models is the reduced GPU performance. 
  • 14-inch MacBook: this will be the mid-level version of the MacBook. The price may start from $1299-$1399 and will include the same M1X processor. This model will also use the same screen resolution as the earlier version and the other difference is that it will have better GPU performance than the base model. 
  • 16-inch MacBook: this will be the high-end version of the MacBook models. The price may start from $1699-$1799 and they will have mini-LED as the stand-alone feature. In addition, this model will have superior M1X processors and GPU performance than rest of the MacBook models. 
To know more about such expectations on Apple products, please feel free to check out the blog posts listed on G R Team Sites.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

My MacBook Pro battery had swollen  

I was using Apple MacBook Pro for about 4+ years and I really felt comfortable using the laptop, little did I knew that I was about to meet a disaster. My MacBook Pro was working butter smooth all these while and for past few days I was experiencing strange behavior in my MacBook Pro. The machine was quite hot near the trackpad and usually, if I push hard my machine it gets hotter only near the monitor and strangely it was other way around. I was worried about its impact and out of curiosity, I opened up my MacBook Pro ‘s back panel to check out the abnormal heat activity near the trackpad. After opening the lid, I had complete shock to see my MacBook Pro’s battery was slightly swollen and the battery shape was abnormal. My mood was completely upset, as I wanted to use my MacBook Pro for more than a year as well. With broken heart, I put back the lid to laptop and ensured that the screws near swollen battery was loose and since it had heart issues, I kept the lid slightly opened for smooth air flow and with hope that battery issue will be sorted out. However, the exact opposite thing happened, and I had to look out for other plans. To know more about how I continued to use my MacBook Pro, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites” 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Enterprise Platform needs and pain points to be addressed

If you are planning to replace your software application for your business, then make sure that you read this post before making up your decision. If your current software is outdated and your business processes are not supported with an integrated application solutions and multiple stand-alone software applications are being used to address your day-to-day operations, then selection of enterprise platform would be the option. Also, the enterprise platform compatibility on windows and Mac operating system is essential. Few of the pain points to be addressed by the proposed enterprise platform are listed as below

  • Time taken to store and retrieve data / information 
  • Reactive response rather than pro-active ones 
  • Absence of a consolidated database for customers and vendors 
  • Manual workflows for authorization 
  • Dependency on other internal departments for obtaining various information 
  • Preparation of reports

If you are looking to get more information, find out more such posts available at "G R Team Sites”