Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Tesla would enter mobile manufacturing & mobility business

With Microsoft’s early drop out from Mobile manufacturing and mobile Operating System (OS) competition, there were only two major players left in the segment (Android & iOS) and was more of duopoly with their own dictating terms. With growing concerns of duopoly by Apple and Google, Tesla or Elon Musk would be forced into entering mobile manufacturing or mobility business model sooner or later. Following are my reasons on how Tesla’s entry into mobile manufacturing or mobility business would be introduced to consumer market.

  • Unique Technology advancement or features: By entering mobility business, Tesla would be welcomed by consumer for couple of major reasons, the drastic improvement in new technology advancement to the mobile segment and a jaw-dropping unique feature. As Tesla had already revolutionized the EV technology and successful adoption into Cars, they would bring similar proposition while foraying into mobility business by introducing unique technology advancement or stand-alone features.
  • Affordable pricing option: Another major factor that would be considered by Tesla or Elon Musk while foraying into the mobility business would be the pricing and by the success of affordable Tesla charging stations, they would bring similar approach of introducing affordable pricing option for mobile to consumers.

The above factors might be considered by Elon Musk or Tesla while foraying into mobility business and hope they are introduced sooner or later. For more such insights or predictions, please feel free to check out the articles from “G R Team Sites”