Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Features of iPhone

The iPhone is the latest phone which comes with lot of features. This is the product of Apple Inc. The features are, it doesn’t have any physical key to operate. Instead of that only Touch screen is available. Then it is having Email, Web browsing, wifi and video chat etc. Because of having Edge facility the browsing speed is high. We can use it for out entertainment purpose like songs, videos like an iPod. This is also having GPS. The working frequency is GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900.

This contains a wide screen of 320×480 resolution. The audio is very nice because of having two speakers. This is having an internal rechargeable battery and can have a playback time of 24 hrs. The camera is of 2 Mega pixels which gives a nice quality. It can have a larger storage capacity of 4 to 8 Gb. The operating system which is used is iPhone OS. To send the data Bluetooth option is available. Lets we welcome the features of iPhone.

PC Assembling

Assembling PC is simple but we should be careful about it. First check your purchased components like Processor, Ram, Hard disk, Mother board, Processor Fan (Heat sink fan), Monitor, CD/DVD Drive, Keyboard and Mouse and all the Cables. Now take your cabinet and put it down by Right side, because mostly the door is present in the Left side only. First of all you have to check your Processor, Ram and Motherboard while purchase itself. Ask your retailer to check it out by fixing the processor and ram with the mother board and run the system by connecting a monitor from there and perform the BIOS-POST (Power On Self Test) to check whether it is ok or not. Now you can confirm that every thing is ok.

Now you are having the mother board is fixed with Processor, Ram, and Heat sink fan and then now you fix your Motherboard to the cabinet. While fixing you should by very careful, because the board is having lot of ICs, pins, ports etc. and if any of one is damaged, then the entire system will not work and it doesn’t covers Guarantee. Now you place the Motherboard slowly in the base of the cabinet and locate the wholes to screw it up.

Now you are having the SMPS is in the top of cabinet and it is having lot of wires. Now connect the wires to the board, we can easily identify by the size. The largest one (bunch of wires) is connected to the board and like that to the hard disk. Now connect the USB cables and power/reset cables in the correct pin which is referred from the mother board manual. Then you fix CD/DVD drives from the front after removing the small doors. Assembling is mostly finished.

The Remaining things are to connect the cables to back side of the cabinet in the given ports for Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Power cable. After that close the cabinet to complete the assembling and now the PC is assembled.

Hector Berlioz

Hector Berlioz was a romantic, in his music and in his life.

According to Theophile Gautier, the essence of the Romantic Movement in France was concentrated in three people: a poet, a painter and a musician. They were Victor Hugo. Eugene Delacroix and Hector Berlioz.Hector Berlioz wrote his music as intensely, as individually, as turbulently and as expansively as he lived.

He was born on December 11, 1803, in France, the son of a doctor. His father wanted him to be a doctor, but Berlioz could not be deflected from his passion for music.

Between 1826 and 1862, he composed several masterpieces, marked by romanticism, mastery of orchestration and originality.

His famous works include: Symphonie Fanastique, inspired by the Irish actress, Henrietta Simpson, with whom he was madly in love, Romeo and Juliet, inspired by a Russian chorus girl, who was his other love, the Requiem, Benvenuto Cellini, the Damnation of Faust and the Trojans.

He died in Paris on March 8, 1869.Heine said of Berlioz: “He is an immense nightingale, a lark as great as an eagle. His music causes me to dream of fabulous empires with fabulous sins.”Richard Wagner (who himself became a great composer) said:

“The reckless boldness and severe precision…took me by storm and impetuously fanned the flames of my personal feeling for music and poetry.”

The Requiem was Berlioz’s own favorite work. He once said: If I were threatened with the burning of all my works except one, it is for the Requiem I would ask for mercy.”

Human Rights Violation

Under this topic, I’m going to discuss what Human Rights violation is, and what the major sources of violation are. What are Human Rights? Human Rights are the basic rights of a human to live in this world. Some of the rights are Right to live, Right to vote, Right to speak, Right to follow a religion and so on.

Human Rights violation is, people are denied of their basic rights in the name of religion, caste, their social status. Many countries in South Africa and Asia falls a prey to this. There are 2 categories of people in these nations, one enjoying the high way of living and on the other hand, people suffer because of hunger. It is sad to say that people in some countries of Africa eat rat and other insects to breath.

In some countries the low caste people were ill treated by the upper caste people. The irony is, this happens in the 21st century, the age of technology. Women of the low caste are sexually abused and men are treated like slaves. Children of these communities are not allowed to study in the schools and most of all they were not considered as human beings.

We proudly declared the world nations, that in India we abolished slavery and caste system. But the fact is human rights violation takes place under these categories, by the rich, politicians and policemen. India will be the developing country until we uproot the caste system and slavery.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

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