Sunday, January 5, 2020

Unnecessary work on weekend

Message was conveyed clear to the delivery person, that I can support partially over weekend with no options available for me from my manager. To my surprise, I had personal work at home and couldn’t spend much time on the deck to be shared and with no option left, I have shared the slides whatever I could work with my available time. However, the delivery person has called upon my manager and has conveyed that additional updates to be made and some relevant information to be in place for leadership review. Now, my manager was checking on with me, when I can spend enough time on the slides and share revised version for review. I was completely furious, as I have conveyed earlier that I am partially available on weekend and additional information required from onsite to avoid redundant effort. But, this stupid delivery person and my manager was persisting me to work on some irrelevant slides, only to showcase to others that they have put in some effort for completion. To be frank, both these guys make things worse with stupid and irrelevant suggestions on the slides. To know more what happened, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”