Monday, August 13, 2018

Assigned other region opportunity at my Work

I have been assigned to work on the opportunity which had scope for less work and more for the delivery SME to derive the estimation. However, once the opportunity kicked-off I was assigned with work for which I had to work by extending my hours and coordination with delivery SME, who finds it hard to spare few minutes to share inputs. In meantime, during the kick off call and in between time I was free and just browsing, but manger had other options he was checking me if I had bandwidth to support one more opportunity which might be of less work. So, I said yeah sure why not and accepted to work on the opportunity. The opportunity seemed easy cake walk for me and had to tweak the standard content I had consolidate earlier. To start off, I connected with the delivery POC assigned and was checking the effort required for the opportunity. As expected, he conveyed we would wait for the further information from the required team and would tweak the existing response shared earlier. I had already had standard content worked upon and the delivery person confirmed that this what exactly expected for the opportunity. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Rating in IT company

Now the time has come for rating in my company, I was so anxious about my rating. After so much of struggle, hardship and politics at my work, now is the time to know about the recognition for my work and professional ethics. As I was able to maintain a good level of rapport to all my colleagues and delivery POC’s on all projects that were assigned, I was hopeful I would be recognised in my team. Before the rating day night, I was so anxious and was not able to sleep. Usually I woke up late in the morning, but during the rating day I woke up early in the day and was able to login to the portal through my mobile to check my rating. Mobile was slowing up to open the portal and finally the page opened, since the page was zeroed it had awkward view and I had to scroll in all angles to view my rating. The moment has come, my rating was viewable to me, to all god’s grace and to my surprise I was awarded FIRST rating. I was shell shocked and was not able to believe myself about the rating. I was jumping out of my bed and was jumping around after knowing it was First rating. To read more check out “G R Team Sites

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Help to file Health Defamation case

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