Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dream about my India

What will the New Year bring? Living in a country without fear of terror attacks reined supreme in most young minds, while some felt we should be kinder to the environment, others felt that wildlife should be protected. Look inside for a glimpse of some dreams…

It’s a new year and all of us are filled with the hope of a new beginning leaving behind fear and terror and looking to good year ahead. Here’s what kids from different parts of the country have to say about their aspirations for India.

Feel that corruption is one of the biggest problems that India faces today. The greed of politicians and of government officers, they say, is at the root of the problem.

“The leaders must work for the people, and ensure the development of the country”

Moving on from corruption to poverty, the government must ensure that all its poor people has enough to eat and only through education will the poor be able to live a better life. Education is very important for development.

With the Mumbai terror attacks fresh in their minds, the students say that terrorists should be punished severely. While Prajwal believed that war is the only solution to dealing with situations, Abishek holds a different view. “People are more important than winning wars. In a war, innocent people of both countries will die.” Terrorism has taken too many lives. We would like to see our country as a terror free nation in 2009. Let’s get together to terrorize terror out of our territory

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Impact of IT field in India

Information Technology plays a vital role in the improvement of economical status of India. Though India a developing country, IT raised India to the level of developed countries in the field of science and technology. Each and every world country needs Indians to enhance their technology. Though IT made India a developed nation it also has its own demerits.

The culture and tradition of a nation is as important as the economical status. We can say, India attained high economical status by losing its precious heritage and tradition.

As we all know, India is known for its heritage and culture. But as the IT field entered into India, slowly we lost out cultural identity. The irony in this is, the world countries, especially the western countries were keen in adopting our way of living, particularly culture and heritage. But we Indians were moving fast towards the western culture. We started imitating their mode of dressing, food habits and so on.

The young lads and girls were highly influenced by the western culture in wearing modern suits, and most importantly in marriage. The consequence of this is, we Indian lost our identity.

We free to adopt other cultures, but there are certain limitations. And we should not give up our heritage in adopting other cultures. As the young hearts of this nation we should think about this. The development of India should not be an outcome of loss of culture and identity.