Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Heated conversation my with manager

I was also referring to the earlier mail to my manager, which I dropped to that offshore delivery person and specifically marking out that the deck was based upon the topics suggested and can be customised further based on the suggestions from the onsite team. After all this drama on this opportunity without even starting to take off, I was completely irritated and wanted to back out from this opportunity and was citing about my upcoming vacation this week. My manager was still persistent that I would be able to support this opportunity, and nothing important would be required to delivery before next 2 weeks I can go ahead with my vacation plan. Trusting my managers suggestion, I took vacation for the week and was hopping that no major updates come on the way for this opportunity. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Review with Offshore POC and smooth process

After having a quick connect with the offshore delivery POC that we would connect latter in the post lunch session to discuss about the updates and to put information that might be needed in the slides for today’s evening call, I was simultaneously searching in multiple places to get the relevant information in the slides and putting in the required slides in place for review. By post lunch, I have scheduled a call with the delivery POC to get his inputs. During the call we were discussing about each and every slide and modifying the information based upon the inputs shared by the onsite team. However, the delivery POC was requesting me to schedule offshore connect with the delivery lead to get his input as well, because we can’t bypass him and send slides to onsite team without his knowledge. So again, I scheduled a quick call with offshore delivery lead to get his input and to modified based upon his recommendation. This call was going in smooth manner and was hoping that it would also be the same with the offshore delivery lead, but it turned out to be exactly opposite. Know more about what happened at G R Team sites.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Working with irritating POC on one more opportunity

One more opportunity assigned to me with one of more irritating delivery POC and this opportunity scheduled to close by more than 2 weeks. For these 2 weeks, I had to work with this irritating delivery person, who is too nagging and would do no work with expectation of everything to be done by offshore team. I had raised too many issues against working with this delivery person and at sometimes even would cut off his suggestions straight away. However now I have no other option but to work with this irritating delivery person on this opportunity and in addition I got update from the offshore leader that no support would be available from offshore delivery team for this opportunity. I was completely frustrated for working on this opportunity and wanted to close this work as early as possible. Continue reading more at “G R Team sites”

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Finally got irritating opportunity to work

After having no work at office for past one week after long vacation had set my mood to work hard for any new opportunity that is assigned to me. With so much anticipation and with Monday blues, I entered office and to my pleasant surprise, again I had no work and was just killing time by watching videos as my manager was back in office, seated exactly beside me. The day was about end and I was planning to get started to home and suddenly my manager pings in the office communicator. I was shell shocked and was in different mood till I opened the message and it was like, just look for similar opportunity in the repository and share it with the delivery person for further action. I searched in the repository for the relevant document and shared it with the delivery person. To validate the deck, I even pinged the delivery person to check whether that is the deck they are looking for or need to look for any another deck. But they back stabbed me and to continue reading check at “G R Team Sites”