Sunday, January 3, 2016

Information about working Laser Printer

This is latest one of all the printers which has come. The first one is the Dot Matrix printer, which is very slow in speed and it can’t print the images clearly. After that only the Inkjet printer came. In this we can take images and also faster than Dot Matrix. But the quality is not that much good. After that only Laser printer came and it gives a awesome output for the users with a great speed. Let me start the working of Laser printer.

After giving the print command by the user, the OS sends the print page as output to the Printer. Then the page is stored in the buffer in the printer. If there is no enough memory to store that page, then the OS will have that page and sends it later when the memory is available. The minimum memory which is needed to a single page is 1MB. Some printers will have lot of memory and no need to wait for the OS.

In the printer there is a single larger part called drum, which is cleaned before printing. After cleaning of drum, it receives the new image of the print by applying uniform negative charge of -600. The toner (primary corona) will perform the print process. It emits a charge of -6000v to surface of the drum which is a photosensitive. Then by using laser, the data in the memory will be written on the drum by neutralize in the certain areas (according to data) to -100v. Now the feed roller takes in the paper from the tray and then the toner is being applied to the drum. The toner contains plastic resin particles and then it applies to the drum which contains the -100v. Then finally the toners spread the ink on the image of the paper which results in the output of the printed paper.

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