Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spirit of kolu

During Navarathri, people arrange kolus which usually follow mythological stories. If you’ve been inside temples, you would have seen that the walls have many grand sculptures of gods and godessess. we can see the arts of marriages of the gods, like Siva and Parvathi, Durga destroying the demon Mahisha and more.

During Navarathri, people bring these themes into their homes by keeping kolus. A kolu can be really grand with 11 steps depicting the stories of gods and godesses. this began started from story of birth of Krishna and his destruction of the evil snake Kaliya. we can see the gods in the top steps and idols of sages and saints, after the gods then while coming lower down, we can see scenes of local life people in markets, at weddings and so on.

Women get together and sing songs. This is a time when people of the community visit each others’ homes. Those who are too shy to sing in front of others cannot get away!

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